Warp. Weft. Shuttle – The three weavers

This is a table runner – a part of household textiles. In older times, weavers would take care of the household. When I moved into my new apartment, I felt that my inner weaver was begging to make a household textile.

The table runner is woven with the warp that was spun by my great-grandmother and the weft, which consists of yarn leftovers that were meticulously saved by a weaver from Latvia, whose name I wasn't told. I served as a shuttle, intertwining the yarns and the three of us together. I finished the unfinished tasks so the deceased weavers could rest peacefully.

The pattern in the runner is known as "Snail trail", "Cat’s pawn" or "Wandering vine". The three known names for a pattern represent the three weavers: my great-grandmother, a weaver from Latvia, and me. Like the pattern names, each of the weavers come from a different background – geographically, time period, generational knowledge, and personal beliefs. Like warp, weft, and shuttle collaborate together, the three of us get woven into this table runner. The runner has three parts: going from the bottom up, the brown color means snail, the green means vine, and the cat is expressed in monochrome colors.

Warp. Weft. Shuttle – The three weavers
39 x 140 cm
Weaving with linen, wool and cotton yarns
2023 summer